Discount coupons: Perfect for raising consumer purchasing power

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Jul 20, 2023 1:30:00 AM

Every marketer makes the most of targeted marketing strategies. There has already been plenty of ink dedicated to the successes of these strategies, but there’s still more to be said about one strategy in particular: the discount coupon. This blog puts discount coupons in the spotlight, explaining how they stimulate sales, increase visibility and nurture customer loyalty. Put simply, discount coupons take efficiency to a new level ... Especially in times when purchasing power is dwindling.

The higher goal of basically every marketing manager consists of building up the purchasing power of their clients. It’s quite a challenge, but with the right tools and strategies, it’s perfectly within reach. In this blog post, we use the discount coupon to highlight a proven recipe that’s been successful for years. We take you into a world of dynamic prices, targeted campaigns, and flawless shopping experiences. Fasten your seatbelt: we’re taking your brand to new heights.

•    Once upon a time ... The discount coupon success story 

The popularity of discount coupons is nothing new. They’ve been in vogue for almost forty years. Standing out for simplicity and ease of use, they give consumers speedy direct discounts, as well as delivering plenty of benefits to producers and retailers. As conversion ratios and customer loyalty go through the roof, visibility on the shelf increases and new customers are introduced as a result. 

As surprising as it may seem in our modern digital climate, discount coupons still play a prominent role in most marketing strategies. There is no limit to their success. In Belgium alone, there are 310 million discount coupons issued every year, with 27 million of them used effectively. A study in 2022 showed that 80% of respondents use discount coupons and that 80% of purchases are made in stores. As a proven solution for both brands and retailers, the discount coupon (on products or shelves) has lost none of its power. 

We wrote an ebook about couponing results in Belgium. Download it here.

•    In-store, on-pack or electronic: three strategies that work

In-store discount coupons help retailers attract clients to their stores and boost sales. They do this in a very targeted manner. By offering coupons at physical sales points, retailers draw attention to and influence customers’ purchasing behaviour. This inevitably leads to an increase in conversion ratios. 

The leading expert in the publication of in-store discount coupons is Shelf Service, a very important player in the world of in-store activations. 

On-pack discount coupons are quick and easy to use. Attached to product packaging, they give customers an immediate discount at the register. For manufacturers, the attraction of these coupons is their visibility on the shelf and, as such, their ability to attract new consumers. HighCo DATA has a full design-and-print department. It’s where we breathe life and form into on-pack stickers. 

E-coupons are our third most popular distribution method. They’re sent out via email. A handy and very accessible way for customers to receive discounts and to make effective use of them. As with the two sorts of coupons above, the value here for retailers and producers is not to be underestimated. They can use the data the discount coupons generate to better personalise and optimise their promotions and marketing campaigns. The redemption of e-coupons is also very high. As for the return on investment for this promotional method? It’s particularly impressive. 
Would you like professional guidance in the realisation of an e-coupon campaign? Get in touch with HighCo DATA. We have the tools and experience to make everything run smoothly and successfully.


The closing agreement between you and HighCo DATA

The conclusion is as easy as the use of the discount coupon itself: if you would like to drive up the purchasing power of your customer and give your products greater visibility, you’ll want to make use of discount coupons. They are and will remain an effective call to action that doesn’t cause any damage to your product or brand image. They also respond to the need to collect data first-hand, which is particularly important with third-party cookies silently breathing their last breath. 

A clearing house like HighCo DATA Benelux plays a crucial role in the story of discount coupons. It checks the validity of the coupons, manages the financial streams, and gives you clear statistics, ready for use by marketers to measure the ROI of their campaigns. For more than 35 years, HighCo DATA has been the expert in the field. Our team is ready to advise and support you. No challenge in the world of operational marketing is too great for us. Throw all your doubts and hesitations out the window. Get in touch with us today. 

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