Out of the (gift) box ideas for competitions with prizes.

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Jul 12, 2023 10:06:48 AM

Organising competitions and sending gifts? Your brand harvests huge benefits when you sow these seeds. HighCo DATA has experience with this area. We will happily help you, your ideas and brand grow.

Competitions with prizes are a popular marketing tool among retailers and brands. Use them in different ways to achieve all kinds of different goals: developing name recognition, increasing customer involvement, stimulating sales, and the list goes on ... It’s an easy and effective way to gather data first-hand and build up your own database full of interested consumers—a unique asset, the importance of which cannot be underestimated. If the idea of competitions and prizes sounds like a winner to you, HighCo DATA will all too gladly partner with you to create the perfect campaign for maximum returns.

Recent European data shows that competitions with prizes are a particularly effective strategy for reaching consumers and increasing their involvement. A 2021 study suggests that almost 80% of European retailers organise competitions and sweepstakes to draw their customers into a story. More than half of those retailers say that competitions and sweepstakes have had a positive influence on brand recognition and sales. The current loss of consumer purchasing power has a positive effect in this regard. It means consumers are looking for positive purchasing experiences. This is where competitions with prizes or free giveaways prove their value.

One of the benefits of competitions with prizes is that they’re able to be used in several ways. For example, competitions on Facebook and Instagram are very popular. This is where brands boost their online presence, draw in followers and encourage them to engage. As well as this, competitions can be used to stimulate sales. How? Give participants a discount on certain products, or link your competition to a specific purchasing promotion.

HighCo DATA reveals their secrets

Over the years, HighCo DATA has organised a huge number of successful competitions for clients. Just think about the ‘NIVEA MEN 100 JAAR ’ campaign, where e-bikes and Samsung TVs went out to a number of thrilled winners. We had similar successes, incidentally, with the skateboards won by the luckiest participants of the ‘LU PRINCE’ cookie promotion. LU Prince didn’t want to see the cookie crumble on this campaign, calling HighCo DATA in to make sure everything was fair and correct at every step.

If you would like to see the online presence of your brand climb to new heights and stimulate your sales even more, HighCo DATA has plenty of proven approaches. When it comes to digital marketing, we offer tailor-made solutions: social-media advertising, email marketing, and online activations to name just a few ... We have plenty of other tricks up our sleeves.

Our experience organising competitions and sending gifts to winners—an especially effective marketing strategy—is rock solid. Contact us. We’ll show you how successful competitions and promotions fit together, and give you the tools to leave your competitors behind.

Thinking outside the box is a great way to raise your chances of success. An original approach will bring even more allure to your competition. For example, challenge your clients to design their own products. Reward the best participants with a prize. Or encourage your customers to do a little detective work. Push them to search for a specific item. Whoever finds it first wins. It’s as simple as could be. And it’s a golden ticket to customer involvement and brand recognition.

As for success in today’s digital world? The path begins with a strong online presence. And competitions with prizes are particularly effective here. They’re an incredible tool for boosting engagement and brand recognition. Your customers become involved in your online story and are encouraged to make purchases. HighCo DATA knows the best way to write this story. Contact us today to turn your brand into a bestseller. 

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