Promotion strategies for Generation Z: clever tips for retailers

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Apr 3, 2023 10:08:01 AM

As a brand, you’d love to win the hearts of Generation Z. But how do you do that? In this article, we give you a few insightful promotion strategies that help you reach this important target group. Furthermore, we let you see how HighCo DATA assists you in fulfilling your goals. 

What is Generation Z and why are they important for retailers and manufacturers?

Generation Z is made up of people born between 1997 and 2012. They’ve grown up with technology and expect a lot of brands. They’re very highly involved in social issues. And they’re on the lookout for honest brands that have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. 

While Gen Z already represents a considerable market share, their purchasing power will only increase as they grow older. It’s therefore important for retailers and manufacturers to understand what drives them and know how to reach them. 

Clever promotion strategies for Generation Z

Here are a few clever promotion strategies that retailers and manufacturers can use to reach Gen Z: 

Make use of influencers: Gen-Zers look up to influencers and put trust in their opinions. Work together with influencers that suit your brand and who have a large following among your target group. 

Use social media: Generation Z is active on social media and expects brands to be as well. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram are great for making contact. 

Be authentic: Honesty, authenticity and transparency are prized by Gen Z. Make sure that your brand radiates honesty, authenticity and reliability and shows that you’re open and transparent about your values and your impact on society. 

Embrace sustainability: Generation Z is highly committed to the environment and is strongly involved in social issues. Let them know that you, as a brand, have the same concerns by showing the effort you put into being sustainable and fulfilling socially responsibilities. 

Gamification: Generation Z loves games and challenges. By incorporating gamification into their marketing campaigns, retailers and manufacturers involve the Gen-Z target group with their brand in a fun, interactive way. Examples include organising an online competition or a game with incentives. 

E-coupons: Gen-Zers have grown up in a digital world and are used to shopping online. E-coupons are an easy and effective way to catch their attention. Plus, e-coupons give retailers and manufacturers the opportunity of better understanding the purchasing behaviour of Generation Z and making targeted promotions that respond better to their preferences. From research, it appears that Gen-Zers still value discount coupons and promotional offers. Furthermore, e-coupons are easy to share via social media, giving them greater reach with Generation Z. 

In short, using e-coupons and gamification gives retailers and manufacturers an effective and interactive way to reach Generation Z. 

How does HighCo DATA help retailers and manufacturers to reach Generation Z? 

HighCo DATA is a company that helps retailers and manufacturers to better understand and reach their target groups. By making use of collected data and technology, we offer insights into the behaviour and preferences of Generation Z. 

Generation Z is an important target group for retailers and manufacturers and it’s important to reach them in the right way. By making use of influencers, social media and sustainability, and by being authentic and transparent, retailers and manufacturers can build up a strong connection with Generation Z. HighCo DATA helps them set up targeted campaigns that better meet the desires and expectations of this target group. Would you like to win over the hearts of Generation Z? Make the most of these clever promotion strategies. Get in touch with HighCo DATA for more information. 


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