HighCo DATA Benelux: pioneer in coupons and omni-channel promotions

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May 26, 2023 12:13:50 PM

For nearly forty years, HighCo DATA Benelux has been the specialist in omnichannel promotions. Founded in 1985, the company now has more than 350 clients, managing several hundred online and offline operations every year: couponing, cashbacks, games, discount promotions, competitions, retail events, etc. Today however, we are putting the focus specifically on the role HighCo DATA Benelux plays in the world of couponing. 

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As the principal player on the market for discount coupons, HighCo DATA Benelux is responsible for the handling, checking and reimbursement of all the discount coupons redeemed in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This central role as an intermediary (or clearing house) between the retailers and the brands is essential. It not only ensures the fluidity of the numerous accounting and financial flows resulting from the use of the coupons, it also gives marketers insight into the power of their couponing campaigns and the return on investment they have achieved. 

The undeniable popularity of discount coupons in Belgium has continued over a period of almost forty years. Studies show that consumers prefer coupons as a promotional tool to all other options. The reason? They’re quick and easy to use, with consumers benefiting from an immediate discount at the checkout. And today, in the face of aggravated inflation, consumers are massively using coupons to maintain or increase their purchasing power. 

From the perspective of brands and retailers, the success is to be found in the way coupons improve the rate of conversion, increase visibility on the shelves and encourage loyalty in existing clients while recruiting new consumers.


Discount coupons: the figures

Last year, 310 million coupons were issued in Belgium and Luxembourg. More than 27 million were used by consumers at more than 6500 sales points. Across all product categories, the average face value of a coupon was €1.86. 

A 2022 survey showed that 80% of people questioned use coupons that systematically appear in the top three promotional mechanism as voted by consumers. 

What are the most popular distribution methods? They include on-pack coupons, in-store coupons or coupons included in brochures or catalogues, as well as coupons linked to loyalty cards or sent by email (e-coupons).


The different stakeholders on the coupon market

The advertiser issuing a discount coupon to promote their products may be a brand or a retailer. They might issue the coupon themselves or they might entrust the issue to a company specialised, such as HighCo DATA Benelux. It’s the advertiser – the brand or retailer – that decides on the face value of the discount coupon. 

The clearing house is charged with arranging the compensation, serving as an unavoidable intermediary between the announcers and the retailers or sales points where the coupons are redeemed. As  a clearing house, HighCo DATA performs several tasks: assisting the advertiser in issuing the coupons for their campaign, verifying the validity of submitted coupons, managing the financial flows and supplying clear statistics that allow marketers to measure the return on investment their couponing campaign has achieved.


The success and effectiveness of discount coupons

In Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, there are no less than 350 advertisers across all product categories, launching a total of almost 5500 couponing campaigns every year. The extensive list of advertisers includes giants from the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector and major retailers, as well as manufacturers of a more modest size. The reason? Couponing is effective. It’s accessible to every budget. And it delivers results regardless of your goal (increasing sales, recruiting clients, building loyalty, etc.).

Couponing campaigns help you to do more than stand out. They give visibility to your products. They are a simple, effective call to action, that doesn’t degrading the image of your brand or devalue your product. 

Plus, when you know that a couponing campaign allows you to generate more than five euro of turnover for every euro invested, it’s easy to understand why so many advertisers would choose to use discount coupons to stimulate their sales with consumers who are concerned about costs.



A pioneer in promotional activities for nearly forty years, HighCo DATA Benelux is the clearing house responsible for the handling and reimbursement of all coupons used in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The popularity of discount coupons has not stopped growing, even with the arrival of digital marketing. 

Couponing remains the promotional method consumers prefer most because coupons are quick and easy to use and they give an instant discount at the checkout.

For manufacturers and retailers, coupons offer numerous opportunities, such as increased conversion rates, improved visibility on the shelf and greater loyalty among clientele. Couponing is an excellent way of stimulating sales and inciting consumers to move from considering a purchase to making one. 

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