Gamification: the new trend storming the retail world

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May 8, 2023 5:04:56 PM

How do you make the most of gamification in the retail world? Tips and examples

Join the game! Find out why gamification always hits the mark in the retail sector. Come outside the box for ideas on how to use discount coupons. And last but not least: score with HighCo DATA’s expertise and increase your turnover.

Gamification. It’s a word that’s often met with a look of confusion and simple question: ‘What?’ As such, this is a great time to put the phenomenon under the microscope. Gamification is about implementing game principles and techniques in a non-play context. The underlying goal is to steer human behaviour in a positive way. In recent years, the phenomenon has massively increased in popularity in different industries. Retail is just one sector that’s jumped on the bandwagon and is now taking full advantage of the benefits gamification offers. In this blog post, you’ll find out exactly what this success is built on. As well as this, we discuss a few useful ways of combining discount coupons and gamification.

A recent European study by MarketsandMarkets gives us an image of the global gamification market. In 2023, its value was estimated at €12.5 billion, with a compound annual growth of 29% between 2018 and now. Retail was one of the top three industries based on the amount they invested in gamification. Let’s quickly list the plus points of gamification and look at why it works so well.

Increased involvement

Gamification brings consumers closer to a brand. The gameplay elements and rewards positively affect them and create a close connection. A study by Deloitte proves it: customers who participate in gamification programmes spend 30% more than customers who aren’t involved. The players learn a great deal about your product during the game. There’s an opportunity for education in gamification. For example, you might focus on ingredients, your range of flavours or the packaging choices you offer. Anything is possible.

Loyal customers

Customer loyalty skyrockets with gamification. According to a study by Accenture Interactive, consumers who are involved in gamification programmes are 22% more loyal to a brand than consumers who do not have this involvement.

Higher sales figures

Sales hit the roof with gamification. This was shown in a recent study by the University of Amsterdam. It discovered that gamification drives up sales by an average of 15%.

Now that the effectiveness of gamification has been unveiled, it’s time to take a look at a few innovative ways to use it. In other words: how can your brand combine gamification with discount coupons?

Digital treasure hunt

Even in the days of the Romans, we knew about the weakness people had for ‘bread and games’. Focus on the latter and you’ll have your customers committing to solving hints and puzzles to score discount coupons. A digital treasure hunt, so to speak, that promotes involvement. Particularly so if your customers share their experiences on social media.

Reward levels

Devise and install a system that allows clients to climb up the ladder of rewards ... Depending on their purchases or activities. Give them discount coupons when they review posts, refer friends or make repeat purchases.

‘Wheel of Fortune’

Integrate an interactive wheel on your website or in your store. Let clients spin it to win discount coupons, free products or other prizes. It increases the excitement and adds to the shopping experience. It can also encourage customers to spend more to earn extra spins.

Social media challenges

Encourage customers to participate in challenges on your social media accounts. In exchange for this, you give them access to exclusive offers or discount coupons. The challenges might range from sharing a photo with a well-defined #hashtag to taking part in an online quiz or a competition.

Personal performances

Reward customers for their specific accomplishments. Do this when they have achieved a preset goal (e.g. x number of purchases for example) or completed a challenge (e.g. filled a savings card).

A recent example

Waterloo Beer

The goal of the Waterloo Beer campaign was to introduce customers to the different Waterloo beers. The campaign gave customers access to exclusive mobile games in which they could earn points for discounts and special offers. This then resulted in higher sales figures and greater customer involvement.


The proof is there: gamification works extremely well, increasing customer involvement and loyalty. And it raises the number of sales. By linking a few genuine outside-the-box ideas to discounts, brands have a reliable formula for positively influencing their customers. 

HighCo DATA is the perfect co-player to help you score with gamification. We develop and implement the gamification strategy that best suits your company. Don’t wait until tomorrow to contact us. Get in touch now, and tomorrow, you’ll already be a day closer to your goal. 


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