Discount coupons: the secret weapon of successful brands

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May 8, 2023 5:59:57 PM

Use the power of discount coupons to crank up your sales

It’s not a myth: the use of discount coupons can result in considerable growth for your company. HighCo DATA helps you with this by setting up your discount coupon campaigns. With guaranteed success. Increase your customer base, boost your sales and collect valuable data, all thanks to our expertise and the latest technology. Contact us now. Together, we will write the story of an effective coupon strategy.

The competition in retail has never, ever been as high as it is now. Companies are feverishly searching for ways to lure and retain customers. And to do this, they’re making regular use of one of the most effective methods: discount coupons. Coupons place companies in the perfect position to draw consumer attention and deliver a direct incentive to make a purchase. Let’s quickly summarise the exact benefits of discount coupons – and why companies are best off choosing them.

What do discount coupons deliver for your brand?

Higher sales figures

It’s an ingrained action in consumers. They’ll move to purchase more quickly if they know they’re scoring a bargain. And this means coupons: a method that only benefits sales figures. Especially when your company uses coupons with a specific target in mind. Think about seasonal products for example, which have a boom period, after which sales tend to dwindle.

Customer retention

Use your discount coupons as a sign of appreciation. Give your existing customers coupons and you’ll encourage them to once return and buy your product again.

New customers

Discount coupons work wonders on people who are not yet familiar with your brand. They put your brand and products on the map and make sure you catch the attention of new potential buyers.

Data collection

The use of discount coupons makes it possible to gather data about consumers, about their purchase histories and their preferences, to name just a few areas. As a company, you can fine-tune your marketing strategy and launch personalised offers.

A study by Inmar in 2021 teaches us that 88% of European consumers use discount coupons. In fact, 60% effectively make a purchase from a brand more quickly if they’re offered a discount coupon. Figures that irrefutably show that discount coupons are the perfect way to raise your sales and build customer loyalty.

How do you make discount coupons work for you?

Reward engagement on social media with discounts

We all know them, those engaging posts on social media. The posts where the word ‘social’ perfectly reflects what it stands for: building up relationships with people. By giving discount coupons to everyone who demonstrates their engagement by sharing your product or a photo of it on a site such as Facebook or Instagram, you increase your reach as a company. And, above all, you attract customers to your brand.

Use discount coupons to sell subscriptions

Do you want to recruit more loyal customers or increase your turnover in the long term? Give a discount coupon to anyone who subscribes to one of your products or services.

Consider discount coupons for product bundles

When you bring certain items together to sell them as a set, think about the importance of a discount. It gives less popular products a boost and simultaneously – by giving them the opportunity to try out different things – increases customer satisfaction.

Which unique benefits do discount coupons have for your brand?

Give a discount coupon and immediately increase the love consumers have for your brand

The issuing of a coupon is a direct reward for your consumers. It immediately raises their purchasing power – and they feel that in their wallets and purses. Your consumers experience an immediate reward and instantly associate this with your brand. A discount coupon is a gift, and that also serves in building up the love for your brand.

Ensure stable margins

Discount coupons help maintain the stability of your margin. The larger recognised measurement institutions do not keep track of the issue of discount coupons.

Use discount coupons after the misfiring of an activation campaign at your retailer

It happens. For whatever reason, you find you’re not included in a catalogue. There’s no need to stress. Instead, turn to couponing and solve the problem. It’s not very time consuming to set up a discount-coupon campaign and it helps you to be more flexible in responding to the challenges on your promotional year plan.

Give yourself peace of mind by having everything processed by one partner

Working with HighCo DATA means benefiting from a "one-stop shop" solution for the media, distribution and clearing of coupons. With the exception of placing your coupons in the racks at retailers (for which you can turn to ShelfService), HighCo DATA takes care of the entire couponing process. What do you do? Save time.

Harness the power of sampling via your discount coupons

Giving out physical products for free isn’t always possible depending on your budget or the type of product you have; think about fresh products. With discount coupons, you can choose a free product to give to your consumers who then go to a retailer to pick it up themselves.

Save on your budget by reclaiming the VAT on the value of the discount

Thanks to a fiscal ruling submitted by HighCo DATA Benelux in 1997, Belgian publishers of discount coupons officially have the right to reclaim VAT on the nominal value of every coupon. That’s always good news for your budget.

Go digital: Choose e-couponing

The future is digital. Personalised marketing and remarketing are possible thanks to the e-coupon. We know them all, the engaging posts that appear all across social media. Where the word ‘social’ reflects exactly what it stands for: building up relationships with people. By giving discount coupons to everyone who commits to sharing your product or a photo of it on sites such as Facebook or Instagram, you increase your reach as a company. You attract customers to your brand. And, in agreement with the GDPR regulations, you collect opt-ins – and first-party data – from your consumers. This makes it easier to activate interested consumers. The degree of your penetration and purchasing frequency improve, your consumers become more loyal and the turnover for your brand increases.

Would you, as a company, like to benefit from discount coupons? Get in touch with HighCo DATA, the specialist in discount coupons and promotions. We are happy to help you with the launch of an effective discount-couponing campaign. One that is suited to your target group and marketing goals. Tailor-made for you company, whether you’re aiming to boost sales, increase your customer base, gather data or do all three!

Our expertise in the area of discount coupons and promotions is built on years of experience – HighCo DATA has now been active for almost forty years – and on the use of the latest technologies. A firm foundation that allows us to strive for the most targeted and effective discount-couponing strategy for your company. Collaborate with HighCo DATA. Watch your brand take flight.


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